Uncommon People x SalesPulse

Uncommon People

Uncommon People brings together great companies and exceptional talent to jointly achieve growth objectives.

With a focus on Media, Marketing, Advertising and related technology, they help their clients to attract, retain, and grow the most competent workforce in their industry.

Their approach is driven by subject matter expertise, respect for customers and candidates and a deep understanding of what is going on with their customer and in the industry.

This in combination with their unique Uncommon360 process has enabled them to take a leading position in the market in a short period of time where the bar is significantly higher in quality than the average CV slinger.

For clients, this means better retention of candidates, lower operational downtime and lower cost per hire.


SalesPulse helps company grow, on average at least 30% within 12 to 24 months. Bringing together talented individuals from different generations, SalesPulse can impact all levels of an organisation to guide it to better results.

Driven by ContinuousNEXT, the next step in digital transformation, SalesPulse can help businesses grow.


The collaboration between Uncommon People and SalesPulse is our common goal to let businesses grow. With a grow-goal, there must be a commercial approach, the right people and great coaching. By bringing our services and experience together, we can reach our clients grow-goal sooner and easier.

Feel free to contact us to have a chat about how we could grow your business. We’re looking forward meeting you.

‘’We’re very happy with the collaboration between Uncommon People and SalesPulse. Combining the knowledge and experience of different generations is very refreshing and an eye-opener.”- Kees de Jong, managing partner Uncommon People.

‘’We really like the approach of Uncommon People, it inspires us. Recruitment from a ‘’growth-goal’’ point of view, instead of the other way around. We’re happy with the collaboration with Uncommon People because their experience in recruitment and consultancy is a great supplement to our services.’’ – Robin Simons, Head of SalesPulse Marketing.

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